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Hello friends! I have moved from Blogger over here to word press and seriously, I’m loving it! Now navigation is another story, so please bear with me while I redecorate. It’s only me here at the controls and I have much to learn about blog designing!  I gotta say, I do love a clean palette- a white page with only the necessities. It’s like our homes, when they are clean, it feels like fresh air doesn’t it? 

So what to expect? For starters, I will post, or at least really, not even kidding, really, try this time to post weekly! If you can’t be consistent about something why even do it right? So this new blog is like a fresh start, a new beginning and a place to share positive thoughts of inspiration, pretty photos, decorating ideas, homemade dishes, beauty and health tips. I will also share my journey as a photographer/columnist and stylist for decorating magazines.   

In part, that’s really why anyone has a blog right? To express themselves, inspire others and post great imagery. At least the sites that I look at, and there are so many! I will guest host some of my favorites with questions and answers too. It’s going to be fun!


So you’re probably wondering what the photo of me above is all about? Well,  I’m finally working on my 3rd book called, “My Journey To Romance”. I must have changed the cover, name, and content at least 10 times!!! But I’m stuck on a theme and it’s finally flowing together…I am hoping to get it ready for you by early Spring. More on that when it gets close.


What else is going on—What about a Yorkie Calendar 2018! Right?

Most of you that know me also know my baby Jess. He’s a little Dickens that Jess is! My mom use to call him Jessy James and for good reason-he’s a fresh baby!  He’s 13 now and whenever I’m doing a photo shoot, well, my Jess is always by my side, up my leg, at my feet or in every shot so I decided, heck, lets bring the dickens in on the fun and make him his own photo album.  Then it dawned on me! What about a Yorkie calendar? YES! I mean, who can resist that little fury face!? By his expression, I don’t think he’s feeling the whole pink and rose thing. (shhhhh) Don’t tell my husband! 🙂

You know the saying!



Jess playing with my props.. He loves flowers..

I hope you enjoyed my first post angels. I love your comments so be sure and say hi!

Have a perfect weekend sweet friends!

Jo-Anne Coletti

  • “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”



14 thoughts on “Hello Friends

    1. Hi Sandra, Thank you angel!!!! I am hoping for early Spring, and of course I will be sharing the news on my blog and website! Wishing you a lovely day! xo

  1. What a lovely start to my day, fresh, delightful and promising..and because it’s Spring here I’ll make certain I have a happy day!

  2. Dear Robyn, I know you, how are you sweet friend? Its been awhile right? For once in my life Robyn, I am taking time to slow down and, pardon the pun, smell my own roses! Little things that I use to find beauty in, got washed up in this thing we call, Life, quoting Prince here. So I’m eating my own words — if you don’t stop, relax and take in the beauty around us, even if its a candle, or a flower, something so tiny can change the way you think. More on this topic next post.. Thanks so much for your sweet words Robyn-lots of love jo xo

  3. Good morning, Joanne! I’m so excited to read your blog! It’s the first blog I’ve checked out in a long time. Your style is so lovely, romantic and inspiring! It has such a sweet, nostalgic feel to it! 💗🌹🕊️ I just love it! Not to mention I fell in love with your absolutely gorgeous rose paintings many years ago! Also, I can’t wait to see the calendar! That little fellow is too adorable! And the book!! Oh my!! Many blessings to you and yours sweet lady!! 💗💗💗

  4. Your new blog….its beautiful– I love the fresh new look! Congrats too on your
    new book… the cover is beautiful as are you!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      You are so nice, thank you for your kind words! I have so much to blog about these days and I’m excited to share with romantics like yourself. Wing you a beautiful day Debbie! xo

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