Christmas Fluffing

Hello Lovelies!

I am an early fluffer this year! For Christmas decorating that is. It’s weird, most years not a single ornament makes an appearance until Dec. 5thish. Any earlier my neighbors start to talk. Yes, there is an agreement!  So, with shades drawn, not even a twinkle in sight, I began stringing lights on my silver tinsel tree. Some years I will have 3 trees up, and others, just this tiny tree. It packs the perfect balance of pretty, tiny, and just enough. I have never been an ‘over-the-river’ and ‘jingle all the way’ kinda holiday decorator. I like to complement my surroundings with festive touches but I never want to drown out what I already have with an over-load of bauble. Why? Age for one, I think the older I get the more my eyes want calm, and the less I want to put away. I mean all those boxes! And, the house looks so bare after the decorations come down, do you feel that too?  So, I balance my holiday trinkets with elegant things I love and know I won’t tire of by January 1st.

Real Simple

Here I added simple Christmas touches to my living room design that are affordable and interchangeable too.

  1. A faux fur rug and tree skirt from
  2. White & gold gift boxes from
  3. Silver tinsel tree from The Christmas Place
  4. White wool stocking from
  5. Silver & white bulbs from

This vignette is elegant, festive and easy to design. The gold Florentine tables were already in place so I added the silver tinsel tree and faux fur tree skirt. White and gold boxes adorned with fresh blush roses, eucalyptus and pink ribbon cascade from table to floor. The coffee table is celebratory with an ironstone vase of white roses and a glass dish of holiday bulbs. Everything here was purchased at #homegoods and #target.

Here we have the same look but in pink. See how easy it is to change the entire theme?

The pink chocolate boxes are an obsession for me, I adore them! I’ve been collecting them for quite some time and the truffles inside are as yummy as the packaging. I stock up on them at Christmastime when they are discounted at HomeGoods or Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles 

Special Jessy always finds the fluffiest and warmest spot in the house. The little Dickens!

A gift on the outside must be as lovely as the inside, don’t you think?

A box full of roses (cell phone image, sorry)

My foyer is very simple—3 pink glitter trees from Michael’s, a box of florals, a pink faux throw, and my favorite chocolate boxes. Took no fuss at all to do and looks charming.

Roses and ironstone is always a welcomed combination.

Here is my Thanksgiving table this year. I chose purple and gold for my color scheme and we had dinner by the fireplace in the gathering room. This room is in the center or middle of the house and is our sitting room but we like to switch it up. So we pushed the sofas aside and put in the table for dinner. I’ll keep it this way until Christmas. I do this a lot, change living rooms for dining. It feels like your in a different home. Do you do this too, switch things around for a new look?

Gold Flatware @homegoods #homegoods

I will have more holiday decorating as the month moves on…

Wishing you a beautiful week angels!


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